Saturday, 15 May 2010

Australian Fabric Day!

I'm really pleased that lots of new fabrics have arrived from Oz......

Firstly Saffron Craig's entire new collection called Forest Elementals was delivered last week. It's a move away from the quirky owl and fairy characters of the last two collections. This time Saffron has created 'mythical scenes' with Elks, Birds and Flowers. Here are a couple of prints from the Purple/Magenta colourway (we also have the Aqua/Brown colourway):

Now I'm yet to make a quilt but have been inspired recently both by Lily's Quilts blog and having seen the quilt kit from Saffron Craig to make this Forest Elementals quilt.

I have put a couple of Elk Quilt bundles in the shop with PDF Pattern to make the gorgeous quilt above. Check them out here.

Also Fat Quarterly have a brilliant article on Quilting Blocks they have made using the collection (and thanks to Fat Quarterly for allowing me to use their pics). I think it is wonderful how you can give different people the same collection and they each come up with something totally different and gorgeous:

My favourite Quilting Block is this one (because they've even managed to sneak one of my favourite collections in - Wonderland by Momo);

AND I found some Snip Snip Sky in my fabric unit - When I saw it I couldn't believe it hadn't been sold as it was so popular and then I realised it was because it wasn't on the website - doh!!! I've just added the last 4 meters of Momo's Snip Snip onto the website.

It complements the Aqua/Brown colourway so I may make an attempt at my first Quilting Block myself.....

Also from Australia I've had a new delivery from sproutdesign to add more fabrics to our current collection. As always, these are gorgeous. Hand printed on heavier weight cotton so perfect for light upholstery or extra special project. Here are a couple of prints but you can check out everything we have in stock by following the sproutdesign link above:

That's all for now. I had hoped to be able to show some finished sewn items but alas no matter what time I stay up until there just is not enough hours in the day!


  1. Hey, thank you for that - I'll post about your new fabrics on my blog - they are mouth watering.

    If you want to be blown away by something made with the new fabrics, go here - I spotted it on Flickr Fresh Modern quilts - it is absolutely mind-blowingly gorgeous. Lynne X

  2. Just realised I didn't add the link!

  3. Love love love your shop and will place an order once off the iPhone!! Found you via lily's quilts and am now following you. M x

  4. Hi Lynne
    I keep getting a lot of coincidences lately; Kate Conklin emailed me last week and now you send that flickr link - spooky! I hope to be stocking her quilt patterns soon so watch this space.
    That quilt is gorgeous. Again what mesmerises me is that using the same collection it has a completelt different feel to the Elk Quilt.
    Many thanks for the lovely mention on your blog as well. Very much appreciated.

  5. Hi Mandy - Thank you for your lovely comments!

  6. Fantastic, I love Saffron Craig and really want some more of the birds on black fabric!

    Sew Justine Sew mentioned that you may stock Kona Cotton Solids, that would be so fantatic if you did, especially the white, bone and carbon colours.

  7. @Crafty Chops
    Brilliant - thanks for the feedback on the Kona Solids. Will 221 to choose from any input on colour preference is greatly received!

  8. Ooooh go on make a block! Can't wait to see what you come up with!