Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fresh and Funky Bee - My First Quilt Block!

For the first block of our Fresh and Funky Bee (and my first quilt block ever!) Lynette sent these fabrics to me .....

Here is how my first quilt blocks went:

hmmm should I have joined a quilt bee when I've never made a quilt block? It's OK, it is ages away anyway.....

woohoo the fabric package has arrived.....hmm you know that now means you will have to make a quilt block?.......oh no, don't open the package......ignore the package and it'll go away....I've got loads of time to do the blocks....

ooooo look at all these other sewing projects I've got to do.....I'll put them on top of the package, that way I don't have to think about it....brilliant!

oh my god it's the 30th July!!!! Only 2 days to do the quilt blocks ....arrghhhhh!
thank goodness Lynette has put in lovely detailed instructions and even an
online tutorial. hmmmmm I could start the blocks today but I had better think about it for a while longer........

OK I have no plan,..... I know, I'll just start cutting and sewing without any plan whatsoever....yes that's a great idea. In fact that in itself is my plan.

uh-oh I didn't think about the fabric grain - arghhhhh I should have thought about this before the last day!

where's my seam ripper?

OK calm down and breath. I wish I would have planned this house block out before starting. my house is getting bigger....when will it end? thank goodness Lynette has given us flexible sizes on our blocks.....thank you Lynette!

where's my seam ripper?

note to self: don't ask for feedback from my husband.

right, now I'm getting the hang of it...oh.....i've finished.

my house block (attempts) to show I live around lots of trees and birds (use your imagination).

my person block was much easier as I planned it before I there's a lesson learnt :)


  1. Hi Courtney - I just wanted to say what a cute and quirky house block! Love the tall tree. Glad you're enjoying it.
    Jo (Saints & Pinners)

  2. Thanks Jo.
    I may have enjoyed it more if I knew what I was doing!
    Looking forward to the next block though - which I definately will not be leaving until 31st Aug :)

  3. Your approach sounds very familiar....I have also promised myself I'll start the next one sooner and not two days before going on holiday! Your house block is brilliant.