Saturday, 2 October 2010

An Interview with Saffron Craig on her new Bird Tree Collection

Recently arrived at Seamstar is the brand new collection from Saffron Craig.

Bird Tree is a truly wonderful collection, both in design and uses. Lovely purples alongside limes, greens and yellows. We can see this collection as a quirky skirt for an adult, a funky dress for a little one or unconventional curtains and cushions. It is also quite timeless in terms of seasons and we think it will work all year around.

For those not familiar with Saffron's past designs they include;

Surreal Elk landscapes....
Great Owl fabrics – this one has just been reissued and resized. The red and white lends itself to Christmas gifts.....
Wonderful Koala Softies. Again just released in a new colourway and gorgeous!

We caught up with Saffron to ask her about Bird Tree, design, sewing and life!

Where did your inspiration come from for your latest collection?

Saffron: The inspiration for the Bird Tree fabric range came to me one day when a flock of tiny yellow birds landed on a leafless tree. From where I was standing the birds appeared to be the leaves of the trees. To me it was one of those precious moments that nature shows me. I am lucky enough to have been able to recreate it onto a fabric and build a range around this truly inspiring moment.

This is the original colour way which we are expecting in a few weeks....

It shows the wonderful blue sky and a graphic drawing of the tree. It is surrounded by floating blossoms carried by the a warm summers breeze.

What is the best thing you have seen so far made from the Bird Tree fabrics?
Saffron: I have seen a lot of things made using the Bird Tree range, from skirts to quilts and cushions, even curtains. But one of my favourite is a little stool my husband painted and I upholstered for my daughter.

This range seems to have resonated with a lot of people because the colours are so different from what is available. Also the design is quite ageless and seems to fit with a lot of age groups.

What are you currently working on (both currently sewing and design work)?
I have just finished three fabric ranges due to be released 2011. Today I have been sewing up some summer frocks from the Bird tree range, it's heating up down here in Australia! I also had to pull apart a quilt I started and will sew that up again. It needs more white as it is intended as a wedding gift. I also should receive the Bird Tree in blue this week so I will have to photograph that, upload it to the website and write about it.

You have to make a last minute present for a friend, what would you make (and preferably out of what fabric too)?
Saffron: I would probably make one of these dolls that are rather like a sculpture for a friend my own age. I've made them in the past and they're so much fun create.

Last week I made a girl's skirt to take to one of my daughter's friends birthday party, I thought it would be far more fun to make a skirt than go to the local toy store and buy something. I had it sewn in an hour.

Freya loved it and wore it for a week to preschool. I'm also known to make a quilt in a day if a baby is born. I love the energy of a new born baby and I know how precious they are, mothers just love wrapping them up in a snugly quilt.

Who is Saffron Craig and what is your design background?
Saffron: I am really a creative and happy person. I love nature and creating fabrics. I was born in Turo in the UK to hippie parents, who now live down the road. I grew up in Australia and graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with an honours degree in design. My background is mainly in fashion design. I had my own fashion label for years before focusing on designing fabrics.
I am married and have a beautiful daughter, who inspires me everyday. Oh, and I love to travel. I have a little game I play with myself that every day I have to go to somewhere I have never been before. It can be as simple as standing under a new tree and waiting for another moment of inspiration.

Great answers! A really big thank you to Saffron for taking time out to give us an interview!

The stunning Bird Tree Bundle is available at Seamstar now.

Blog readers (if you are reading this then that's you!) get 3 meters of ribbon worth over £2 for Free when buying the Bird Tree Bundle. Just mention 'blog ribbons' when checking out to claim yours.


  1. A lovely interview - I particularly like the idea of going to a new place every day. I think the blue and yellow colourway is gorgeous!

  2. Great interview! And another gorgeous range! I'm working on a couple of baby quilts using the bird tree range and the colours are beautiful.

    Oh, and wonderful idea to go somewhere new each day. I love how Saffron finds inspiration everywhere.

  3. @nickynackynoo
    I know - great answers by Saffron :)

  4. @Kate
    Look forward to seeing that Kate :)