Thursday, 20 May 2010

Blog, buttons & Seamstar FLickr Group

Our new Flickr Group
Seamstar now has its own Flickr group called: "Seamstar Stitched". I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Justine for her suggestion and help on this (Sew Justine Sew is her lovely blog which I love to read and highly recommend).

"Seamstar Stitched" is for pics of lovely fabrics, inspiration and anything made from things bought from Seamstar. I have to say that I totally love being sent photos of things that have been made. I can't tell you how brilliant it is to wrap fabric up, send it off and then get a photo of a finished item that was in my hands as fabric a few days earlier. So anyway I would love all Seamstar Customers to join the Flickr group and upload your pics.

I thought it would be nice to have a "Seamstar Stitched" fabric give-away. The winner will be sent a free meter of fabric which the winner can choose from our mid-weight cotton range (found here- Seamstar Mid Weight Cotton).

Seamstar Stitched Fabric Give-away Rules (sort of rules anyway):
Here's how it works (bear in mind i'm making this up as I go along so if you spot any blindingly obvious errors please let me know!):

*Each item uploaded will be put into a hat and the winner drawn by my 1½ year old (so it is all very scientific).

*There will be no judging of the hand made items because firstly, I would never be able to choose just one and secondly, everyone has an equal chance of winning.

*You can upload photos of as many hand made items as you like. The more you upload the greater your chance of being pulled from the hat.

*If you upload 2 photos or more of the same item that will count as 1 entry.

*For the initial trial run and whilst the Flickr Group gets started the closing time is 30th June. If it isn't a complete disaster we can run it every month!

*Please note the winner will be put on this blog so please check back as you may need to contact me with your details so I can send you your free fabric.

So please join my Flickr group which I have literally just finished opening (so don't be disappointed when you get there - I will fill it with stuff before you know it!).

Our New Seamstar Button
I have finally got around to making a Seamstar button thingy - hurray!

and in a minute i'll add the html in the side bar so if you like our shop and would like to add the button to your blog, website or wherever we would be very grateful :)


  1. Wow wee Courtney you've been busy! Thanks for the link to my blog and I'll add a button to my blog for the shop, oh and def. join the flickr group. Now! J xx

  2. What a great idea on the Flickr group. And I love your new button - when I get a minute I will swap it for the button I had on my blog. And thank you for the responses to my questions about UK fabric shops and yes, the consensus does seem to be that you do a great job - Mandy (who lives in my village and ordered from you earlier this week after seeing you mentioned on my blog!) loved the package she had from you.