Saturday, 22 May 2010

Fresh and Funky Quilt Bee

What I love about sewing is the gorgeousness of hand made fabric things.
What I'm not so fond of is any project with boring repetitive bits!
So this Fresh and Funky Quilt Bee is perfect:

It's set up by Forest Poppy and Me and Ma so it'll be fresh and modern and I can end up with something lovely like this:

(by the way look out for our interview with Kate Conklin (designer of the quilt above) coming soon).

Plus, as its a bee, I won't have to make the same quilting square over and over (no repetitive bits - yay!) but rather everyone gets to sew different blocks each month. Also, even quilting novices like me can make a quilt as there are all levels of experienced sewers in the bee. There are a few places left so if you're interested in joining the bee you can look at these lovely blogs for all the ins and outs - Forest Poppy and Me and Ma

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  1. Thank you for psting this Courtney..Maria (Me and Ma)