Wednesday, 25 August 2010

An Interview with Pat Bravo and new Paradise collection in stock

Needless to say, we love welcoming new designers to Seamstar. However we have be so so so looking forward to getting our hands on this latest collection by Pat Bravo. Paradise is well named and without wanting to sound like Stacy (aka Gavin & Stacy) these fabrics are LUSH!

There are a lot of floral fabrics on the market so it takes something extra special to wow us now (aren't we picky!). There are a number of thing which we love about these fabrics and which sets Pat Bravo apart:

The first thing that strikes you, is that the prints are so crisp. Also, as a collection they are well thought out and work wonderfully together. Funky, modern florals with coordinating geometric and stripes. Think sophistication, glamour and chic!

Paradise has two really gorgeous colourways – the collection is split into a Sunrise Pallet and a Sunset Pallet.

Sunrise Pallet:
Sunset Pallet:
We think the best thing about Pat Bravo fabrics is their versatility. They look stunning as clothes, yet the size of the prints aren't overwhelming so lend themselves to quilting perfectly! In fact free patterns are available to download for clutch bags, a quilt and a chain pillow using Paradise.

As usual with a new designer to Seamstar we wanted to know a bit more about the designer and Pat was kind enough to give us this interview.....

Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind your latest collection Paradise?

Pat: What inspired me to create "Paradise", was my recent trip to Paris; With every single step I took on each street, new designs, colors, and prints came to mind, and, as a result, Paradise was given birth. I wanted to convey all the beauty I saw in the city through my fabrics; a message of style, sophistication and utter exquisiteness. I've always wanted to do a Marie Antoinette - inspired collection since I can remember, but somehow never did it. Until I went to Paris, and was in trance with the magnificence of the city. After years of reading books about France, Versailles, Louis XIV, and more, actually being there was like a surreal experience, and the colours and glorious prints just stuck with me!

What items do you think will work best for making out of Paradise fabrics?
Pat: Well, if I had to choose, I'd go for the Nouvelle Quilt with the Paradise fabrics... It's a super easy "quilt as you go" project with striped blocks that is part of my Mini Pattern line.

Do you have a favourite fabric or collection you have designed?
Pat: To this date, my favourite had been "French Riviera"… well, that has just changed now that I did "Dreaming in French"! I must say it's my best work so far… it totally reflects who I am as a designer and I can't wait for everyone to see it! It will be available this September.

Watch this space – the entire Dreaming in French collection will be available from Seamstar in September!

Do you remember your first sewing project?
Pat: Actually, I do! It was a hand-sewn pillow I did back in elementary school… (not sooo long ago, haha). Unfortunately I don't have it with me any more… I also remember doing a crochet headband when I was 8 years old!

What is your most treasured hand made possession?
Pat: I actually started hand-painting my fabrics… and I would do art quilts using them!… now that I think of it, how did I have time for soooo much work? Well, if I had to choose, I would say my most treasured possession is my "Purple Afternoon" quilt, made out of hundreds and hundreds of tiny little fabric pieces!

Who is Pat Bravo and what is your designing background?
Pat: I live and breathe art and am a lover of all things beautiful. When I was a little girl back in Argentina I realized I had a passion for everything hand-made, and I also realized I was actually quite good at it. But it wasn't until I came to live to the U.S that I fell in love with quilting, and the rest is history…I try to convey the message of who I am through my designs and truly hope everyone can get to know me through them.

A big thank you to Pat for her time!

You can view the entire Paradise collection on our website now.



  1. I think sunrise is my favourite of the two!

  2. @Justine
    Thanks Justine - you've just come up with the question for the competition!!!

  3. I have just been looking at all your fabrics and love them all.

  4. They are both beautiful but my preference lies with sunrise

  5. Lovely fabrics I think sunrise just wins out on which range I like best.