Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Hideaway Collection Just In!

The complete collection of Hideaway by mother & daughter combo, Lauren and Jessi Jung is now at Seamstar.

With 4 colourways and 33 delightful prints, we are so so pleased with these fabrics.

Here is our top 5 reasons why this is a fabulous collection:

So many different things would look great made out of this collection. In fact we challenge you not to be able to find something you like here!

We have been really pleased to be able to collaborate with the ultra-talented Abi from Sew You who has made these stunning items from some fabric we sent over;

Gadget cases (if you're ever stuck for a gift then pop over to Sew You for some lovely things);

Our favourite, this lovely case with all the detailing and lining;

If you need more inspiration then have a look at these quirky cushions, quilts and bags by Lauren:

We think this Glade print (available in 4 colours) would look adorable made into some lounge pants for a little one!

Plus watch out for our Hideaway quilt soon with a Measurements & Materials list.

2.Detail of the prints
We've had this collection for over a week and are still finding things (which is also one of the reasons this collection would make great items for little ones, they'll be picking out details for ages). The Tapestry print has a tiny spider's web which is repeated in the Timepiece print.

Spot the little person in the Cuckoo Clock print!

3.Scale of the prints

The prints are tiny and so cute! Obviously having tiny prints is perfect for quilting but also for lining purses, tiny bunting, needle cases etc.

4.Scandinavian inspired quirky loveliness
Hands up, who doesn't love Scandinavian design. No one!

All 4 colourways are lovely. The reds aren't an overpowering red but a gorgeous orange-red.

The sky blues are to die for and all the greens and yellows just, well, make you happy.

What's more, the fabrics will look great at any time of year. Choose a colour to suit the seasons.

We have a Price Match Promise plus a Multi Meter Discount on all of the fabrics in this collection.

As always we have a variety of bundles for this collection.

You can choose by colourway; Clover, Sunflower, Poppy or Sky.

Or the complete collection (look out for an extra freebie on our Newsletter).

Or a Moda Layer Cake for a little piece of it all.

Also a Mini Gingham bundle which is gorgeous & useful!

p.s. Did we mention we like this collection?
p.p.s. You may be aware that our favourite collection of ALL time is Wonderland by Momo (we are often going on about it, or anything Momo for that matter!).
Well, we have a new favourite collection of all time – Hideaway!

Checkout Sew You for gifts and inspiration below......


  1. I love it all. Now only problem is if more stuff comes into this house my husband is going to have a fit. Wonder if Health Insurance in the U.K. covers people having apoplectic fits?
    Patti xxx

  2. LOL I hear you Patti! That's a fabulous collection! Might have to be on a must have list for now :)

  3. Noooo don't go showing me Hideaway when I'm on a fabric diet. :-)

  4. Mandy has been telling me how gorgeous this collection is and I didn't see it but now you lay it out like this, it's really fabulous.

  5. Oh you should stop posting about such lovely fabric!!

  6. @Patti
    haha. a customer last month demanded her parcel was only to be sent out Monday to Wednesday. When I asked why she said it was because her husband went mad last time more fabric arrived, so now she gets fabric delivered when he's at work!

  7. Courtney it all looks lovely! The sstuff is cute that Sew All has made too!

  8. Gorgeous fabric!
    Just want to say thank you for a wonderful parcel that arrived a couple of days ago! My first order with Seamstar - excellent service and wonderful fabric!