Monday, 3 May 2010

Lots of lovely new fabrics.......

Just like buses........none for ages then all at once :)

Very quick post to say on Saturday 3 large boxes of fabrics were waiting for me when I arrived home. Obviously I love all of the fabrics I stock but I'm really loving the latest from Riley Blake Designs & My Mind's Eye. The quality of the fabrics is great and the designs are so crisp.

All have been uploaded to the website so take a look and let me know what you think.

I've also experimented with a new scale photo (instead of just stating the size of something in the design to give an idea of scale). See the bottom of each Riley Blake fabric description. Welcome any feedback on if they look ok and are helpful.


  1. LOVE love love these fabrics and your shop looks fantastic. I followed a link to find it and am so glad I have.

  2. Ohh they look lovely, am trying to stash bust this month but maybe these may just tempt me!

  3. I've just had a look in the shop, and wow there are some beautiful fabrics. I especially like Riley Blake Designs "raindrops" but then again my minds eye have some great prints. I can imagine using Blue Paid quite a bit. I like the scale photos, the size of design can sometimes be a shock when you buy on line.
    also noticed you've got A.Henry's Bauhaus in steel and are just wondering if you'll be having it in, in any of the other colours?
    Oh what a ramble!

  4. @sew obsessed
    Thank you all for the lovely feedback.

    About the AH Bauhaus - I also have colour D coming which had limes and pinks. Hope this will be in within the next couple of weeks. I think it looks really 1970's which is why I like it. Reminds me of 1970's Marks and Spencer duvet covers :)