Friday, 28 May 2010

£1 Postage Day!

For one day only all postage levels are discounted to £1 (except if you order over £45 which is as usual Free!).

Perfect for getting a quick fabric fix.

To claim your £1 postage offer just leave a note on checking out: £1 Offer
Your Card or Paypal account will be refunded the difference when your order is processed (so when you go through checkout you will be charged the normal p&p rate and get it straight back).

Also don't forget to send a photo of what you make to our FLickr group and you'll also be in with a chance of winning a free meter of fabric of your choice!


  1. Tempting as ever I'll advertise now!! Justine xx

  2. I am so, so very happy to have found your shop. Can barely wait for my fabric and gorgeous elastic to arrive.
    Who thought you could get quite so excited over elastic?
    P x

  3. @Justine
    Thank you Justine.
    However I think I may bar you from buying any more fabric until after you've finished the wedding dress :)

  4. @Pam
    Hi Pam
    I'm really pleased its not just me who gets happy looking at colourful elastic! So you are very welcome here :)