Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Current Top 10 Fabrics ....... (sort of).......Number 10

This started as 'My All Time 10 Ten Fabrics' but after much indecision i've had to change it to my 'Current' top 10, as there is no way I can fit every fabric I have ever loved into 10 spots. So my caveat is they are fabrics from the last year.....and not ones that I haven't had in my hands yet (so not the lovely fabrics on order).....and also i've had to cheat on one as well - nevermind :)

At 10, and ok this is not going to blow the world away but it is a lovely little rose print from Tanya Whelan. I look at a lot of fabric and I don't think anyone does rose florals as good as Tanya. From the Darla collection - Rosie Dot Blue (I could also have chosen red or pink!).

Number 9, I sooooo love Alexander Henry (could easily put a top ten together just of AH prints alone) and Thunder Flower is just brilliant.

8. Eiffel Tower by Paula Prass. When I had this in my shop no one bought it! Secretly I was very happy and intended to make some curtains from it for my work room. Then over a couple of weeks it sold out. Gutted! I really love any prints with structures or buildings and the turquoise and red is inspired.

At 7 is the wonderful Patty Young. All of Patty's fabrics are great and she is a master at geometric prints. This is my favourite, now sadly out of print but I do have the same print in red coming soon (and am looking forward to seeing it).

Number 6 is Hoodie's Medetai which I think is fab.

5. I've gone for Saffron Craigs Softies. Not both softies mind, just the Koala. I say that as the Owl softie is the most popular and the poor Koala gets left behind and I feel sorry for him.

At 4 is Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks. Again I could choose any pattern and even the Folksy Flannels but representing the whole range of flannels and voiles is Forest Hills Sweet - gorgeous!

Number 3 (and see if you can spot the cheat) is everything by sproutdesign. I love them all and just can't choose!

At 2 (nearly finished!) is from the very sadly discontinued Wonderland collection by Momo - Rabbit Hole in Sugar. All gone but I have one quarter meter left which I know I will never make anything out of because it's great just as a piece of fabric.

And my Number 1 (this week anyway) is Inked by Alexander Henry.
It's funky and has attitude - what else do you need in a fabric?!?!

Feel free to argue your top fabric into the Top Ten!


  1. Great choices. I love most Alexander Henry and Michael Miller fabrics. I also love that Tanya Whelan Darla collection too. Gorgeous! Might have to do a top ten on my blog now! Will wait til my new fabric arrives from you then do a post with a link back to your blog/shop. x

  2. I too love Alexander Henry fabrics and soo love the sprout designs too - still thinking of where I could use them - somewhere special as they're not cheap! Are you getting any more thunder flower in as would love some to do a skirt for Holly in need approx 1.5m I think!

  3. @Justine
    I too am a little apprehensive about even cutting sproutdesign fabrics! They are much heavier in weight and hand screen printed though which accounts for the price. I also worked out you can get 3 cushion fronts out of 2 pieces which would be around £5 per cushion and look lovely (will get around to that one day!).
    Thunderflower is on order and will be here around June - just in time for a Summer dress or skirt!

  4. @Sew Scrumptious
    I am thinking i'll have to update this top ten every other week!
    I am hoping your fabrics have arrived by now (were posted early Saturday) and you make something lovely with them :)

  5. Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for the fabric. Lovely as ever. Have blogged about it and your top ten list. Have blogged about my top ten childrens fabrics! Just need to make something now!