Thursday, 1 April 2010

Latest Seamstar Newsletter

Momo - It's A Hoot Collection Just In!

The complete collection (all 40+ fabrics!) are now in stock.

Another 'fall in love' collection from the Japanese designer Momo.

It's A Hoot Bundles

We've also put together 6 tastey bundles based on colours; Fudge, Pistachio, Malt, Banana, Raspberry & Cherry.

Also 2 bundles based on prints; Eggs & Trees.

All of these bundles come with a Free Trimming Pack! (Whilst stocks last)

We also have a Complete Collection bundle at 15% off RRP.

An 1/8m Strip Bundle for £60 - perfect for some of the Free Sewing Projects below!


It's A Hoot Free Patterns!

We've found the best patterns out there and brought them together on our blog.

They are all FREE and really showcase It's A Hoot. You can view them HERE.

Christmas Hampers

Don't forget we have gorgeous Christmas Fabric Hampers available for your crafty friends!

We choose the fabrics and ribbons so it makes buying easy.

We also have a wishlist, so if you fancy one yourself, you can email it to someone & hope they buy it for you!

Festive Tonal Bundle

Lovely new Hand Picked Tonal Bundle added.

Comes with a Free Ribbon pack worth £6. View them here and snap one up!

If you missed it you can get our Free Christmas Stocking Tutorial! Read about it HERE.

Future Fabrics

Still lots to come this year!

Including Complete Collections of Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush & Tanya Whelan Delilah.


  1. At last you're here in the land of blog! Welcome my lovely I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your cutting room and the inner workings of seamstar - you've helped me so much with my sewing I feel I've already made a friend. J xx

  2. Hello at last! This is going to be dangerous I know as you will be posting pictures of your lovely fabric which will make me spend lots of money on yet more fabric!! Looking forward to reading your blog tho. Def have ribbon envy. x

  3. OMG your cutting room is sooooo tidy...and so completely gorgeous. I am very new to the world of sewing and fabrics and have just started my own modern v's retro baby accessories business. I love your range of is so nice to come to an online store that inspires creativity!

  4. Thank you so first posts!
    Especially thanks to Sew Scrumptious for being the first follower and to Justine (who has been putting up with me moaning about this blog for quite a while now!) and letting me bounce fabric ideas.

    As for the cutting room being so tidy - it's only those bits in the pics that are neat & tidy :) (really like your bandana bibs btw)