Saturday, 10 September 2011

New crafty things in tins......!

We've just released some new products in gift tins which we are showcasing on our website in time for Christmas.

All of our tins make fantastic gifts for crafty friends/relatives or sweet treats for you!

Our tins look great stacked up on sewing tables, are eye-catching on craft stalls and are ideal for storing craft items in too.

So if you are stuck for ideas to write on your Father Christmas Wish List then be sure to add these!


  1. I love those! Is there any chance that you will be selling the tins and boxes by themselves as well? I can think of so many things to fill them with.

  2. Can I get your stocking pattern still? I LOVE the shape and am not an artist. I've looked and looked for another since yours is no longer up. I didn't find another one I even liked. PLEASE! Please! Please can I still get it somehow?

  3. @Stash Avalanche
    ooo never thought of that!
    maybe when we get more tins in as the ones we have are full of trimmings etc!

  4. @Kristen
    hi kristen
    sorry! we intend to move it over to the ideas section on our website and will get on with moving it :)
    Check ideas after the weekend and im sure it will be there with template.