Saturday, 9 July 2011

What to sew first.........?

After a month in a new house and workshop (photos will be coming soon!) and lots of renovation later, my sewing machine finally has a table and I've found my sewing box :)

I have to make curtains for every window in the house, along with cushions, a few quilts, some wall hangings....well the list goes on. So what to start with first?

A peg bag of course!

Made using 2" squares to patchwork the front (fabrics from the Delilah and Ditsy collections which can both be found in our new Top Floral Picks section), Ditsy polka dot for the inside and a green mini gingham for the back from the Hideaway collection.

Complete with some super hand painted polka dot dolly pegs that I bought from Diane on ebay.

After weeks of relying on relatives to do our washing (before noticing my other half had plumbed in the washing machine on the day we moved in - something I've not mentioned to anyone), the first batch of washing in our new home is now drying on the line. The type of washing I actually like to do.....

.....lovely prints from Monalunas' new collections Anika and what to make with those?

ps. These's a Seamstar offer of 10% off when you buy both collections. Just add both bundles to your basket and enter code: Monaluna when checking out x

1 comment:

  1. what a pretty bag you have created for your pegs! I love the design and the colors, how it matches the wooden polkadot pegs is Amazing... it makes washing fun!

    Have a happy weekend,
    love Maaike