Saturday, 22 January 2011

Its A Hoot Quilt & Scrappy Cushion

Oooooooo finally finished a quilt! Decided to see what I could make using the Complete Collection (1/8m strips) by Momo.

I kept it simple for a first quilt attempt with 5" squares.

I was really surprised at how quickly and easily the front went together - not only painless but also enjoyable!

I spent a couple of days practising meandering quilting techniques, which I got the hang of. Then I decided not to quilt it that way! I wanted some clean, modern lines and for it not to look too busy so I followed the squares to quilt the layers together.

For the back I just used up left-overs and it happened to make a strip.

I chose to pull out the greys of the print by using Moda Bella Solid in Grey for the back (it will be getting a lot of use and I suspect my 2 year old will try and drag it across the floor so white was out!). I found a useful clip on utube for adding the binding to the quilt. I was surprised at how long it took me to hand sew the binding (I was probably just getting impatient by that stage!).

I used Hobbs Heirloom Premium Batting and Momo Plaid in Sky for the binding.

Things I would do differently on my next quilt:

The strip I put across the back was the same size as the blocks on the front. When I sandwiched the quilt everything matched up perfectly. However, because I chose square quilt lines which I quilted on the front, they didn't correspond exactly on the back which looks a bit odd (I've been told I'm staring at it too much!). Anyway I would either use a meandering quilting technique or if I was using straight line quilting I would make the strip on the back much larger so they do not correspond.

I probably made a novice error here but I machine stitched the binding on to the back so that all my hand stitches were then on the front. Anyway I'd do that the other way around next time.

Other than that I'm so happy with it! Love the colours of this collection!

For the cushion I just used any bits of scraps left over from the quilt (feels a bit like I got the cushion for free!). I also used a cream invisible zip and Moda Bella Solid in Natural. For the Egg cushion I just used a unit of Eggs in Fudge.

It has been great using the quilt at night while watching tv but I can't wait until the Summers' evenings when I can sit underneath my quilt on my handmade bench outside!

Actually I've used only a tiny fraction of the complete collection roll. I didn't use any of the pinks and yellows because of other colours in the room I'm going to use the quilt in. Also I'm thinking the pinks and yellows are going to look lovely as a patchwork play mat for a girl.

Speaking of which, I noticed this great free pattern that popped up on Moda recently;

Building Blocks Baby Quilt

By Hyacinth Quilt Designs and it is well worth a look for a quick quilt project.

You can view the It's A Hoot Collection at Seamstar here - dwindling stocks though!


  1. Love the fabrics and the end result, getting closer and closer to being brave enough to try quilting.......

  2. @Louise
    thanks Louise :)
    it's easier than you think!

  3. Love this range so much, it has been on my list to buy for a while now.

    My Pat Bravo quilt was my first attempt and I've learned a few lessons along the way too.

  4. @kerrypuddy
    a few more quilts and we'll be experts :)

  5. Courtney it looks great I'm so proud of you! Well done, now onto the next quilt, what will it be??

  6. @Justine
    haha thank you!
    I've just finished cutting out the fabric for the Hideaway quilt (literally just finished!)

  7. Gorgeous quilt! Cant help but love the Hoot collection... i want some...

  8. Congratulations Courtney! I'm thrilled you jumped right in there and look how fantastic it is! Love the quilting, it's just right for the quilt, and the back, personally I think it's perfect!

  9. Yay! the quilt and cushions look super lovely ...

    I bought some of this line from you before Christmas ... it's super soft and delicious, but much thinner than other cottons ... I found that piecing it with other fabrics was a little trickier ... did you find this?

  10. It's gorgeous, well done you, I can't believe it's only your first attempt, love the fabrics and the cushions are a great idea of using up fabric. Looking forward to seeing your next attempt.

  11. O this is just gorgeous! Love the colours and the fabrics, its very striking, and love the way you decided to quilt it, it works really well. The cushion is fab too. I am almost ready to quilt a simple squared quilt and have been weighing up what way I'm going to quilt it. Leaning this way now!

  12. Wow this is amazing for your first quilt. I love the simplicity of squares and its a great way of showing off the fabrics in a line. I think the back looks great with the strip!

  13. ooh it's lovely, I love the cushion too. My only new years resolution was to finally make a quilt this year, I have been umming & aahing over a pattern forever, they are all so beautiful, I fear another addiction coming on

  14. Wow, what an achievement, I'm very impressed! I love the fabric you used too.

  15. @Sarah
    thanks Sarah (have since realised i'll have to make my 2 year old a mini quilt of his own in an attempt to stop him dragging my gorgeous quilt across the floor!)

  16. @Trudi
    Thanks so much Trudi! I kept remembering what you said about keeping the 1/4" as accurate as possible. thank you x

  17. @Sarah@PingsAndNeedles
    hello & thank you!
    I didn't find this collection thinner but I did find the previous Momo collection thinner. I understand with that one that the weave is tighter so the print is more detailed.
    I didnt have trouble piecing it with the other fabrics but then again I only included bella solids so maybe that was why?

  18. @Sarah
    Hi Sarah
    thanks for your comments :)
    I would recommend this as a first quilt because, with everything there is to think about it makes the quilting part really easy.

  19. @dreamalittle
    thank you!
    Actually its the fabrics that are making me look good! :)

  20. @Jennifer
    Hi Jennifer
    thank you :)
    ps once you start you wont be able to stop. im already sewing the next quilt now!

  21. Don't worry I am learning something new on each quilt I do too... (only on my 4th quilt) Must send you my It's a Hoot quilt....I love the fabric though and want to make another quilt from this moda range...

  22. @Billy Button Design
    thanks for your comments. am nearly finishing quilt 2 now and have learnt further lessons :)

  23. Wow, I'm really impressed Courtney - you really put my efforts to shame! I just can't seem to get going with the 1001 projects I have in mind; my days just disappear one after the other. I must try harder!

  24. @WandaFish
    No way!
    Plus ive had lots of time to study quilts before having a go :)
    I get that way too and have weeks without wanting to sew and then all the sewing impulses come at once :)

  25. I can't believe I stumbled on this post - I am in the process of making a quilt nearly EXACTLY like this. (My first one, too). I only used prints from a charm pack and layer cake so I don't have any solids in the quilt. I also didn't use the pink or girly prints because it's for my baby boy due any day. I'm having a hard time picking the fabric for the back though. Without seeing the bella solids in person I don't feel comfortable ordering the fabric because the colors are just enough off I don't want to buy something I can't use. Do you think the yellow egg or turquoise egg print would look crazy with the straight line quilting? I want this thing finished before the baby comes but since I think I will have to order the fabric that's not looking like it's going to happen. Thoughts?

  26. @Jennifer W
    Great minds!
    I think it's not so much it would look crazy but I would be worried about trying to make the eggs line up. As you'd be straight line quilting the front you could end up with the eggs running off line on the back. A bit like the problem I had with the back of mine.
    If you need to stick to prints from the collection bec you've seen them and know what they look like - Plaid in Sky may be a good option. It would look good with the straight line quilting and is a nice print for the reverse.
    Alt. you can order samples on our website through the Personal Shopper button, we can colour match plains for you plus you can always return fabrics if they don't suit.
    Email me if you need anything else info at seamstar dot co dot uk
    Good luck with the quilt and the baby!