Saturday, 4 September 2010

Christmas Shop Now Open!

ok I usually hate the 'C' word before November but if you are like me you need time to make stuff!

So we've added a Christmas section to the website with lots of lovely Christmas fabrics (limited stock) and ribbons. Check out the Christmas Flannel fabric too.

There is a really nice Christmas bundle with a Free ribbon pack.

If you would like Father Christmas (or failing that husband/boyfriend/friends) to get you something you really want this year then check out our Gifts section.


  1. Love the xmas fabrics, still feels too early for me to think of Christmas. I've got two kids birthdays to concentrate on first!
    I think the hampers are a great idea, now I just need to subtly show them to my hubby!!

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  3. @sew obsessed
    haha I dont know if hubbys do 'subtle'. With mine I have to sit him in front of the pc and say 'I want this!' :)

  4. ooh I like those gift hampers. I really shouldn't say that here because he will never read this I should leave him a subtle link ;-)

  5. How exciting!!
    Fantastic fabrics, I love Christmas but love christmas fabric more!!!!! they will make great cards!!