Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Winner of our August Funky Fabric Competition

Thank you for all of your comments. We agree that the Tufted Tweets bundle is gorgeous! We are nearly out of TT bundles but one lucky person has managed to grab one before they are all gone.

Don't worry if you haven't won this time. We have another great Fabric Giveaway coming in a few days time (to coincide with a full collection on its way by a brand new designer to Seamstar - we cant wait!).

The Winner, who was chosen at random, is..........Post 41 (we have gone all high tech now with a number generator as there are too many of you for me to write your numbers on scraps of paper for my 2 year old to pick out),

Posted by:
AllIsClear who said...
I will make some funky cushions for my daughter's bed. She's just turned 3 and is starting to appreciate the utter pointlessness - but utter gorgeousness - of cushions on her bed!

You have won all of these prizes and they will be posted to you for free! Yipppeeee! Don't forget to post photos of your finished cushions on our Flickr group and your could be our first double winner!

Please contact us to claim your prize info (at) seamstar (dot) co (dot) uk.


  1. well done to the winner, I am sooo not jealous!!
    Any hints on what we need to save our pennies for Courtney?? I'm sure as usual I'll want it all!!

  2. Congratulations AllisClear! I had my heart set on this lovely bundle so was dissapointed I didn't win but all is not lost as i've just ordered one anyway before they are all snapped up! Thanks for the chance of winning, maybe i'll be lucky next time :o) x

  3. @Justine
    haha no way lips are sealed on the designer!
    although I will say 2 things:
    firstly I hope the new competition and collection will be posted on Tuesday; and second, think modern florals this time :)

  4. Ohmigod, that's me! My heart is racing so hard - I never win anything!!! Obviously apart from the love of my 3 year old who is going to be psyched by this! Thank you so much guys - I know it was a random selection, so no great recognition of my prose or anything, but thanks anyway! Promise I'll (eventually) post pics... eek and squeak, so excited!

  5. @AllIsClear
    Hi AllIsClear!

    When your excitement dies down can you please email me your info so I can send your prize!
    info (at) seamstar (dot) co (dot) uk