Monday, 16 August 2010

First Makes! Using Echino by Etsuko Furuya

As soon as the Echino by Etsuko Furuya fabric came in I wanted to make something...........anything from it!

I wasn't disappointed. The fabric is lovely to work with. A linen/cotton blend so heavier weight. Easy to sew and easy to press. I made a shopper bag for my Seamstar parcels when going to the Post Office!

In total for this medium bag I used:

3/4 meter of Etsuko Furuya - Echino Spring 2010 - Helicopter in Purple
1/4 meter piece of Etsuko Furuya - Echino Spring 2010 - Camera in Purple (although it was a really small piece of the 1/4 meter and I have loads left over so I'm going to make a purse and a glasses case); and
1/2 meter of Kona solid in dark violet for the lining.

So next time you place a Seamstar order - rest assured your package is travelling in style :)


  1. Courtney it's gorgeous I love it!! You've made me want to make one too, I need a largish bag for swimming lessons! Mmmm.....

  2. Just got my Echino Bundle - it's fantastic! You need to stop getting new fabrics though - you have such good taste and it's going to bankrupt me!!

  3. @Justine
    Thanks :)
    This is a medium and I think you could fit around 2 plastic bags of shopping in there because of the side pleats. If I get time (!) I was thinking of making the smaller version and altering the handles so it will go over the shoulder.

  4. @Rebecca Johnson
    I'd like to say it was all due to my skill but it was just one of those projects that seemed to work itself :)

  5. @jane
    It's not my fault.....there are too many lovely fabrics out there :)
    We have at least 5 new full collections coming in before Christmas - sorry!